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 Luodun Sculpture骆顿雕塑是佛山市浦铁金属制品有限公司旗下一家集设计与生产于一体的雕塑艺术品牌公司。公司专注于城市雕塑,公共艺术,装置艺术,风景雕塑和软装饰艺术。秉承原始设计的使命,采用传统手工结合智能机械生产方法,以不锈钢,铜,铁,铝,实木,树脂,石材等为材料。这些作品广泛用于城市广场,艺术展览馆,旅游景点,园林,高端酒店,高端商业中心等。

 Luodun Sculpture骆顿雕塑 It is a brand company of sculpture art that integrates design and production under Foshan Putie metal products Co., Ltd The company focuses on urban sculpture, public art, installation art, landscape sculpture, and soft decoration art. Adhering to the mission of original design, using traditional manual combined with intelligent machinery production methods, using stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, solid wood, resin, stone, etc. as materials. The works are widely used in city squares, art exhibition halls, tourist attractions, landscape gardens, high-end hotels, high-end commercial centers, etc.

"Difference is king, leading the market." In today's increasingly fierce competition in sculpture, traditional sculpture craftsmanship survives in a harsh environment, while stainless steel sculpture has not yet formed a scale, lacking a strong manufacturer, and a lack of a leading brand. From this, we came into being, insisting on the development concept of design innovation, intelligent technology


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